Max Gumdrop

Indie Electronic Musician

Born in an alternate universe, Max Gumdrop came to Earth in November, 1997. The state of the planet disappointed her when she arrived, and pains her even more now. Unable to return to her plane of origin, she turned to electronic music as a means of escape and welcomes everyone to join her.

Emila H Thicke

Indie Electronic Musician, Digital Artist, Novelist

Born an April Fool in 1991, the woman raised as Emilah Thicke pulled the last letter of her first name free to give herself a middle initial. It was silent anyway, a lot like her. An extreme introvert, Emila enjoys burying herself in her creative endeavors, whether it be music, art, or stories. She has two debut products available now, the album Antiviral as a member of Max Gumdrop, and her GameLit/LitRPG novel, The Longest Survivor, co-authored with her bandmate, MK Eidson.

MK Eidson

Indie ELectronic Musician, Digital Artist, Video Producer, Novelist, Software Developer

Born 40 years earlier than Max Gumdrop, MK Eidson (Mike) is happy to share more than a birthday with the band leader. Their mutual friendship with Emila brought them together, and the love all three of them hold for digital music prompted the group to work together to do what none of them had yet accomplished alone. At 63, Mike is ecstatic to share both his debut album, Antiviral, and his debut novel, The Longest Survivor, with anyone who can tolerate his strangeness.

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