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First Official Music Video Released 

Our first official music video has been released on YouTube. Find it embedded on our Videos page. It's for the track, Don't Get It Twisted, on our debut album, Antiviral. The video was created by my fellow band members, Emila and Mike. I'm not a graphics person myself. The other two have all the skills when it comes to the arts other than music. I'm featured in the video, so I had a little to do with it in some regard, but it's a lot less time consuming to pose for a few shots than it is to generate all the images they created and integrate them with the audio. I'm glad they know how to do all that. The images in the video are obviously computer generated, but I love them anyway. Yes, I'm biased. Still, it's cool to have an official music video, something I never dreamed I'd have. Never imagined I'd release an album, either. The internet is an amazing thing.

I hope you like our video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to be notified when we release the next one. The plan is to release some sort of video for each of our tracks, but that's all dependent on how much time Emila and Mike have to work on them. They're also busy writing novels and games. They want me to include a link here to their debut novel, The Longest Survivor. I'm told you should like their book if you like role-playing games.

Thanks for visiting our web site and have a Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays to All 

Happy Holidays from Max Gumdrop

Our debut album, Antiviral, is available for streaming on most services. Check our HearNow page for the links. Our music is also now on YouTube, though we don't yet have an official artist channel. We're still working on that. Will post here when our first official music video goes live, so scroll down and subscribe if you haven't already.

Antiviral Now on Amazon Music 

The cure for the common blahs is spreading... Our debut album is now available for preview and pre-order on Amazon Music. Have you listened yet? The full album will be released on Christmas Eve.

As a reminder, for the price of your email address on our mailing list, you can preview and download the full album on our site for free.

We're making progress on a music video for one of our tracks. Will it be ready before Christmas? Not sure, but still hoping. It's possible.

Electronica instrumentals and synth-pop to enliven your day and brighten your life. Cheers!

Antiviral Now on Apple iTunes 

This is really happening! Antiviral is now available for preview and pre-order on Apple iTunes. Go give it a listen! The full album will be released on Christmas Eve. We're busy making a music video for one of our tracks, and it would be great to have it done by the 24th. We'll see if we can make it happen. This is so much fun!

Electronica and synth-pop to liven your day!

Antiviral Accepted at CD Baby 

Our debut album, Antiviral, has been accepted for distribution by CD Baby. What does this mean? It means the album tracks will soon be available for download from music download stores and available to stream from music streaming services across the US and elsewhere. The album should be available in numerous digital music outlets on Christmas Eve, December 24. It's an exciting time for us.

In the meantime, we're considering what to do regarding video releases for the tracks on Antiviral. One of our tunes, Metal Voltage Acid, was used in a promotional video for the novel The Longest Survivor by band members MK Eidson and Emila H Thicke. The video took a good deal of time to put together, but was great fun to make. Still, it wasn't a music video, per se, and we want to create some music videos for some or perhaps all of our tracks. So stay tuned. Sign up on our email list to be notified when they happen.

Greetings, Galactic Traveler 

Album Cover Artwork for our debut album, Antiviral.Wow. You're here. We're here. What a cosmic coincidence. Except, there is no such thing as coincidence. So we've heard. Which means, some mystical power has brought us together for a reason. What could it be? Maybe it's music, the universal language. We just happen to have made some music. Sign up for our emailing list and download our debut album, Antiviral, for free.

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